Pulse surveys for large organizations
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Let the employee experience be in focus more often than once a year

Populum enables large organizations (1,000+ employees) to continuously follow and develop the employee experience – simple, scalable and automated. Book a demo today, and we will tell you more!

Populum helps some of the largest organizations in the world to create a more productive and sustainable workplace – across a wide range of industries

What’s achieved with Populum?


Run pulse surveys in your organization to increase transparency and drive continuous dialogue regarding the employees’ work situation. We strengthen local leadership scalable way, enable a proactive approach to employee well-being and actionable, up-to-date insights for HR and leadership.


Open dialogue

With Populum you’ll receive automated team results for your operationally important areas – not manager ratings. The entire team automatically gets access to the results. This openness triggers local improvement dialogues in a scalable way.

Efficient leadership

Line managers use the results to facilitate and enhance the quality of their existing team meetings. With Populum, managers save time and become equipped with something tangible to lean against in their local team dialogues.


The core of Populum is our trend monitoring. With Populum, you’ll get the opportunity to identify and address a risky situation in time (e.g. work-related stress) – before the negative outcome incurs (e.g. sick-leave or attrition of high-performing employees).

Continuous transparency

Senior managers and HR (with 200+ employees in their span of control) will receive a new level of transparency across their organization. With Populum you’ll experience the feeling of being in control and having access to the full picture – in the smoothest way possible.

3 applications of Populum

The reason to start using pulse surveys in an organization vary – but the overall purpose is always the same: becoming a better workplace. There are 3 typical situations where implementing Populum will save time, money and drive action in your organization:

Simple and efficient steering towards a productive and sustainable

Work environment

Drive organizational awareness and alignment during implementation of a new

Culture or values

Get continuous follow-up and transparency during a

Transformation journey

“We see that our Populum utilization has driven increased openness, trust and improved collaboration across the organization”

– Sr. HR Executive, Global chemical manufacturer

Washing machine

How does it work?


Short, simple pulse surveys across your organization to drive continuous, transparent improvement dialogues at team-level. HR and leadership receive continuous transparency of well-being and organizational performance.


Short, simple pulse surveys in your organization

Provide a light, continuous contact surface for sharing feedback and improvement suggestions around prioritized areas

Automated reports for
all teams

All reports are automatically created and is instantly available when a pulse survey expires. Results are available both in the online portal and downloadable PowerPoint reports – ready-to-use for discussion in the local team meetings

Intuitive overview for management and HR

Intuitive dashboards for HR and leadership gives transparency across the full organization (or for a selected scope, e.g. a country, a business area or a production site)

What are we following up?

Organizations can use Populum’s standardized method for continuous follow-up of the employee experience – or leverage Populum’s experts design a customized method to serve specific business needs. Also, organizations get continuous eNPS KPIs as part of their Populum delivery, included free of charge.


Trigger the desired team behaviors using Populum’s established method for making your organization more productive and sustainable …


… or leverage our experts to translate a company-specific initiative (e.g. a new strategy, new values or a new culture) into desired behaviors at team level.


Validate the effect of your improvement initiatives by complementing your chosen method with automated follow-up of your organization’s Employee Net Promoter Score.

“Populum provides me with something tangible to lean against in the team meeting”

– Sr. Manager, Global home appliances manufacturer

Washing machine

What makes Populum great for large organizations?

Success factors

We believe that team-level improvement is created through the dialogue between the employees and the managers. For this reason, we focus entirely on user friendliness and value-creation for the teams and their managers. The value for HR and senior management follows naturally.



Keep it simple. This is the most important aspect to ensure a successful and sustainable pulse survey implementation in large organizations. Populum is simple to launch, it’s simple for the employees to participate, it’s simple for the managers and teams to use the results, it’s simple for the leadership to obtain transparency – and it’s simple for HR to manage and master. Much in large organization is already complex. Populum adds simplicity and automation.

TeamrelevantTeam relevant

Populum covers the operationally relevant that can fluctuate at team-level from one week to another (e.g. workload). With Populum you’ll get quick and immediate feedback – everywhere, systematically and automated. This way the pulse survey fills a complementing role to your annual survey, which is good for areas that changes slowly (or you could do both with Populum).


Senior leadership and HR cannot be everywhere all the time to drive local improvement. Improvement of the overall organization is most easily obtained by unlocking constructive, local improvement dialogues around your preferred behaviors. By enabling all teams to work a little bit better – the organization as a whole can be significantly improved.


When pulse surveying is simple for the organization, relevant for the team and constructed in a way that drives local improvement initiatives – your pulse surveys will add value and the implementation will be sustainable. Book a demo today to see if Populum is right for your organization.

Follow and develop the employee experience more continuously in your organization.

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